Why You Need to Change the Locks with Your New House?

When you move into a new house in New York, condominium, townhouses or apartments, you can make certain that numerous other individuals have had copies of your keys for any number of honest to goodness reasons. Where is each one of those copies now? Changing locks will ensure you in the occasion a few keys to your home wind up in the wrong hands. Regardless of in the event that you lease, own, or are a piece of an affiliation you should make sure you and your family is the main ones with keys to your home.

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Renting New House and Following the Measures

If it happens that you are leasing an apartment or house, the owner or supervisor is in charge of changing locks between tenants. Talk with your landlord to discover who will have admittance to the house or apartment. At the point when leasing a house it is basic for just the owner to have spare keys if there should be an occurrence of an emergency. Apartment buildings ordinarily utilize a lock framework that permits workers, for example, maintenance men to utilize an expert key to enter any apartment. Along these lines the maintenance crew doesn’t need to convey a ten pound key ring. Try not to change the locks in an apartment without first identifying with the landlord or researching the terms of your lease.

Old Locks

Are the old locks any great? They may be old, corroded, or poor quality. They may have been jimmied, picked, or broken into. You can’t make sure about their integrity, so amplify your own security by selecting and introducing your preferred locks.

Trouble with the Keys

Who has the keys? Of course, you could rekey a lock if you think the keys are gliding around out there; however for somewhat more you could have a brand new bolt, one with better security highlights than those at present on the doors.

Old Installed Locks

Will the installation of the old locks hold up after some time? The door Rusty Dooe Lockjamb could be feeble or twisted, the strike plate screws may be too short, the arrangement of the lodging instrument and strike plate could be off. Also, if the old lock set is truly awful or somewhere in the vicinity poorly introduced that a new one can’t fit legitimately into the openings that arrive, you may need to spring for a brand new door too. Yes, it is another included cost, however once again–do you need to be cheap with regards to well being?

Consider the possibility that the old locks are key controlled. This is really something worth being thankful for, however since you cannot without much of a stretch make copies of the original keys, you’d presumably need to rekey the entire Lock. What’s more, by then, you should simply introduce a new bolt set. You can also seek professional consultancy with a qualified locksmith or the nearby police office for suggestions when you move into your new place.

Why High Security Locks are Essential This Days?

How Easy is To Get Inside Your Home – And How To Prevent It

Getting into 2016 – Our home and family’s safety comes first. Come to think about it, our entire life are secured by locks. It keeps our home safe and our office secured.

Anyone Can Get Into Your Home.

Recently, we face more and more cases of burglars breaking into apartments by simply picking the lock on the front door.  Why does it happen? Why now more than ever?Burglar Lock Pick

Picking locks is something that known to man for hundreds of years but we are living in the digital age which mean knowledge is very easy to come by. After a little research, I was shocked to find that just by searching “How to pick a lock..” in YouTube within one second I found hundreds of results that shows professionals teaching how to pick a lock. Now, after 5 minutes and basic tools, accessible to anyone, I can pick a lock.Google was no different and the search shows the same results, instructions for picking both bottom locks and top locks deadbolts.

here is one example:


The Good News: There are Affordable High Security UNPICKABLE Locks for Home and Office.

Luckily there are a very good solutions to secure your home or office and that is “High Security Locks”, It means u get a pick proof lock. Those locks are so strong that the pins inside are actually CANT BE DRILLED!!!. You probably heard those names before: “Medeco Locks” and “Mul-T-Lock”. Those are Two of the most advanced brands in the locks industry.

High Security Lock High Security Locks



Hold on just a moment…if this locks are pick proof and the pins cant be drilled…what happen if i lost the keys!?

We have a great solution for you: once you get a new High Security lock, you get a unique special card – very similar to a credit card, which carries a code on it. The only way ever to duplicate this keys is by taking the card to any hardware or a locksmith shop and have them make a key for you within few minutes. We suggest that you keep your security card somewhere safe outside your home in case you lose your keys. That way you won’t have to call a locksmith to save your day. just get the card and go to the nearest locksmith store.


What if Im still locked out, and lost my security card?

Well, in that case we are always here for you, 24 hours 7 days a week to help with any issue that may come up. Our technicians are equipped with the most advanced tools in order to open any lock and safe! There is no High security lock cardsuch thing as hard work for us. but it will take some time and noise to get you in, which means burglars won’t even try it and probably won’t have the required equipment to get the door open.



so, by simply change your door locks u can save lot of troubles, and have the option to be “worry free” since no one can break into your home when your away.

Do not hesitate – secure your home today!

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How To Protect Your Home – By New York Locksmith

Keeping Your Home Safe in nyc

Regardless of whether you hold a multimillion dollar company inside an office building or have a family of five located in a two-story home, getting a 24/7 Locksmith is extremely important because they can ensure that your property is kept safe. The vast majority of the crimes that occur within this city alone are property crimes. We have discussed this already previously.
keep home safe
At the end of company hours when you can find not any employees present and most members of the family are either far from their properties or sleeping, break-ins and robberies generally take place during this period according to studies. Thus, having enough locks to keep your property protected is highly important, because these locks could keep your premises safe even if you are struggling to achieve this yourself.

The Value of Quality Work

When shopping around, it really is beneficial for you not to just put a “New Key and knob York locksmith” randomly from your phone directory or perhaps the Internet. Make an effort required to research all of your choices first prior to making any last choices. Take into account that the professional locksmith in Manhattan that you just choose may possibly save your life one day depending on the quality of their work. Making sure that their job is top-notch is very important. Examine ratings, reviews and recommendations which have been posted by past customers and clients with regards to the quality of their past work which means you have a clear concept of what to anticipate from them in the future.

Explore All Available Choices

Make sure that you take time to investigate all the various alternatives that he or she could have accessible after you have found the nyc  locksmith that you would like to make use of. Newbie criminals – a much less expert criminals which have acquired a substantial amount of experience in this particular type of illegal work can crack simple locks. These are their quick targets. Therefore, it might be inside your best interests to get high-quality locks which have been specifically made and technically seen to discourage criminal activity rather than freely give it time to occur.
Going Past the Lock

In terms of safeguarding your house, employees and family members, employing a locksmith in new york is an excellent place to begin. 4 bolt special lock Nevertheless, which is not where your security precautions and steps should stop. As a way to maximum your security while minimizing the chance of a break-in, usually do not be reluctant to invest in a security alarm system to complement the secured locks which you have installed in your home or office building.



A Bright Idea And One Skilled Person Can Help You Get Through The Day

A Locksmith in New York Saved My Day

We all have one of those days when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and everything appears to be falling apart ever since that moment. Well, I had one of those mornings you don’t want to get out of bed like you can predict somehow that things will just go wrong. Still, I had to head for work, since it wasn’t weekend yet, of course. It would have been too good for the weekend to be here. So, I went out of bed thinking that the bad feeling will go away after I enjoy a hot cup of coffee. And yes, things did appear to be a bit better after that, so I slowly started to get ready toLost Keys NYC face another day at work.


So far, so good. I double checked everything, grabbed my briefcase and jacket and headed out the door. But, when I tried to lock my door, the inevitable happened. The key broke in the locker, and I wasn’t able to lock or unlock the door. The worst part was that after pulling the doorknob, I realized that the locker remained in the open position, not closing the door. How could I leave to work knowing that my house remained just like an open invitation to thieves? I just couldn’t believe that was happening to me. I had the sensation that the awkward feeling I had in the morning was coming true.

There is nothing left for me to do than to call in at work and let me know about my problem. Still, I had to find a solution right away. Living in New York with a door unlocked is not the safest thing, and I wasn’t living in a high society neighborhood. So, the next thing that came into my mind was to type “locksmith New York” on my smartphone, trying to find some services that would put an end to my ordeal. I found one that had excellent reviews and promised to offer a prompt response. I didn’t think twice and called the number the service provider had displayed on their web page. To my surprise, they said it was possible to send over a locksmith in approximately 45 Min. I thought it was a decent time frame, my only concern was if they will manage to keep it. It is not the first time I’ve been given a deadline by a service provider, and delays happened.

The locksmith arrived within the promised time range. He was fully equipped and knew what to do right away. He had to take out my entire locker, to set it free from the half key that remained inside, after it broke during my attempt to lock my apartment. He also readjusted it, making sure the locker will function, and it wasn’t damaged during my desperate attempts to remove the key from it. Luckily for me, the locker was fine, and I didn’t have to change it. I was pleasantly surprised by this locksmith service in New York, as it was prompt and very professional. I will save the number in my agenda, just in case I will have another bad day.

Beware of Locksmith Scams in the Big Apple

Few tIps About Getting a Locksmith in NYC

New York City is home to some of the best locksmith services. These businesses will provide security to whatever needs possible — car, home, office — you name it. Locksmith New York services are known locally for their quality work, and are recommended in other states as well.

However, it is somehow ironic for some people to get duped by a locksmith New York business. Such a shady enterprise is marred by a scam, wherein consumers have filed complaints ranging from overpricing, intimidation tactics, and charging for unnecessary services. As reported, these clients pay as much as four times the quoted price. According to the Council of Better Business Bureaus (BBB), these scamming companies used aliases that actually belonged to real, reputable, and honest locksmith New York businesses.

Nyc Locksmiths

Fortunately for people residing in the Big Apple, there are several locksmith companies who are ready to serve you and put your interest ahead of theirs. Their services include, but are not limited, to the following: repairing broken locks, replacing or installing a lock system, copying keys, and providing solutions for those who are locked out.

Aside from these services, they also provide a complete set of locks that would possibly be suitable for your home or office. Choose from the keyless remote, doorknob, filing cabinets, deadbolts, mailbox, and electronic combination pads. The convenience of locksmith company websites is helpful for consumers because the quotes are now sent via email, and these prices have been tailored to your needs. You can be sure that no illegal transactions are involved because these companies have been given raving reviews by their loyal and new customers.

To prevent getting ripped off by scamming companies, it would be best to ask the owner to check the Business Yelp Page so u can check other people reviews. A locksmith visit is likewise helpful. To ensure that you Manhattan Locksmithswon’t fall into the hands of scammers, your locksmith should have a legit license and should have at least completed an education or training. These are important so that you won’t feel doubtful of your home’s security.

Home and office security are basic necessities in your life. Trust only the best and reliable locksmith companies in New York.