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New York Lock Experts are able to offer a vast array of different services and this includes Re-keying Services.

There are a surprising number of people that are not sure what is meant by re-keying so let us explain briefly. Brooklyn re-key services is where we can change a lock so that a different key will operate the lock, this is a very useful service if you have misplaced your keys as it means that if hey get into the wrong they will not have the ability to gain access to the car.
We normally carry out Re-keying when a client has a concern that some people may be able to get unauthorized access to the car. The locks can be adapted so that only the new keys will work therefore this service tends to give concerned clients peace of mind.  It is actually possible to Re-key the car without the need to replace the entire lock.

We have for many years offered these services and they are all carried out by fully qualified and insured technicians therefore you can have peace of mind.  Re-keying can actually be carried out on types of locks therefore it is not only cars that can be re-keyed. It is possible to use the re-keying service on residential property locks, commercial premises locks as well as automotive locks.

This service has in the past been classed as being similar to the classic procedure of changing codes on a daily basis as the key is changed after a set number of data has been transmitted and this set amount is pre set.

The truth about keys is that when you purchase a home you simply do not have any idea how many people have a copy of that key.  In the past a large range of people including tradesmen, neighbors and friends could have been given keys which they actually still have despite them no longer being relevant. New York lock re-keying will enable you to have a fresh key for a small fee and without causing any damage as this can be done without actually removing the lock.

If you have lost your keys then don’t worry. Just give NYC Locksmith Experts a call and relax as re-keying is a quick and easy way to solve to the problem and prevent any further problems. This technique has the ability to install replace and upgrade locksets, lock cylinders and also deadbolt locks.

Master keying may mean that you actually only require one key to unlock everything within the home.  Locks that have been produced by the manufacturer are very often simpler and this can mean that you can replace a bunch of keys with only one key. Master keying can actually mean that two different keys that are very distinct are able to open one lock.

Master keying can regulate access to certain zones whilst also have one master key that can access all of the different zones. We supply master keys for use in commercial settings and in buildings such as hospitals.