Why High Security Locks are Essential This Days?

How Easy is To Get Inside Your Home – And How To Prevent It

Getting into 2016 – Our home and family’s safety comes first. Come to think about it, our entire life are secured by locks. It keeps our home safe and our office secured.

Anyone Can Get Into Your Home.

Recently, we face more and more cases of burglars breaking into apartments by simply picking the lock on the front door.  Why does it happen? Why now more than ever?Burglar Lock Pick

Picking locks is something that known to man for hundreds of years but we are living in the digital age which mean knowledge is very easy to come by. After a little research, I was shocked to find that just by searching “How to pick a lock..” in YouTube within one second I found hundreds of results that shows professionals teaching how to pick a lock. Now, after 5 minutes and basic tools, accessible to anyone, I can pick a lock.Google was no different and the search shows the same results, instructions for picking both bottom locks and top locks deadbolts.

here is one example:


The Good News: There are Affordable High Security UNPICKABLE Locks for Home and Office.

Luckily there are a very good solutions to secure your home or office and that is “High Security Locks”, It means u get a pick proof lock. Those locks are so strong that the pins inside are actually CANT BE DRILLED!!!. You probably heard those names before: “Medeco Locks” and “Mul-T-Lock”. Those are Two of the most advanced brands in the locks industry.

High Security Lock High Security Locks



Hold on just a moment…if this locks are pick proof and the pins cant be drilled…what happen if i lost the keys!?

We have a great solution for you: once you get a new High Security lock, you get a unique special card – very similar to a credit card, which carries a code on it. The only way ever to duplicate this keys is by taking the card to any hardware or a locksmith shop and have them make a key for you within few minutes. We suggest that you keep your security card somewhere safe outside your home in case you lose your keys. That way you won’t have to call a locksmith to save your day. just get the card and go to the nearest locksmith store.


What if Im still locked out, and lost my security card?

Well, in that case we are always here for you, 24 hours 7 days a week to help with any issue that may come up. Our technicians are equipped with the most advanced tools in order to open any lock and safe! There is no High security lock cardsuch thing as hard work for us. but it will take some time and noise to get you in, which means burglars won’t even try it and probably won’t have the required equipment to get the door open.



so, by simply change your door locks u can save lot of troubles, and have the option to be “worry free” since no one can break into your home when your away.

Do not hesitate – secure your home today!

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